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"Arizona has been one of the best governed states in the country for years, and I'm proud to have played a part in that."
Fighting Inflation

There isn't much we can do at the state level to fix what the federal government has broken, but we are working to limit government spending and protect our supply chains so that products can flow into our markets quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Secure Borders/Communities

Fentanyl, violent crime, drugs, trafficking and more flow across our southern border, poisoning our local communities.  That's why securing our borders is a top priority for me and our State Legislature. We must enforce our laws, eliminate taxpayer-funded freebies for those here illegally, and support our border patrol.

Protecting AZ's Economy

Our Governor seems intent on copying the California model, which will result in higher prices, lost jobs, higher taxes, and a weakened economy. That's why I'm working to protect the Arizona model.  We are a national leader in job and wage growth because it works!

Quality Schools

Republicans in the Legislature have added billions of dollars to K-12 education, usually in the face of Democratic opposition.  But it takes more than just money to get good results.  That's why I have supported giving parents choices in where they can send their kids, supported homeschoolers, and voted for accountability so that districts have to account for the money they've been given and show us the results we're getting for our money.

Supporting Our Police

While the left wants to defund or outright eliminate our police, I stand with those in blue and will continue to have their backs.  They put their lives on the line to keep us safe, and I'll keep working to get them the tools and training they need to do their job as safely as possible.

Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

Whether is it our 2nd Amendment rights, our free speech rights, or control over our medical freedoms and health care decisions, I'll always fight to defend our Constitutional rights and liberties.

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